On going projects

Lobbing / Advocacy / Monitoring / Networking

SL Organization Project/Program Project Duration Project Area Number of Beneficiary Year Based Budget Upazila Based Budget Details Budget
03 Phase 01: (2 years-short term) Maternity Allowance to the Poor Mother

Phase 02: (3 years-Medium Term) Maternity Allowance Centered SAPNA Package
Phase 03: (15 years Long Term-Self Reliant) Self Propelling SAPNA Fulfillment by 20 years of generation
Start from 2005 and by the Govt. 2007 and continuing Srart from 2009 to 2012 by AECID and started by GOvt. from 2014 and continuing For increasing numbers of mothers and the budget Lobbying and advocacy for Govt. resources increasing under NNSSP Natonwide
  • Selection Criteria Overview
  • Pregnant with her first or second child
  • At least 20 years of age
  • Total household monthly income below Tk.1,500
  • Poor mother of a femal headed household
  • Familiy with disability
  • Owning no land holdings other than their homestead
  • Owning no productive assets, such as agricultural land livestock, etc.

  • Maternity Allowance for the poor mothers revisiting for SAPNA Package winning.
  • Assist to provide health, Nutrition, Birth Control Card
  • Education and Culrural Card
  • Livelihood income generation inputs
  • Savings, Plantation and Micro-credit, if needed

  • Promoting Mother's Parliament
  • Public-Poor-Private Partnership enhancement
02 Establish IT Centering Mothers for Poverty Resistance Ongoing Own resources Nation Wide
  • Reducing Hassle of poor rural women
  • Ensuring Transparency and Accountability
  • Ensuring Fair Selection of Mothers
  • Disseminating proper information
  • Dissemination of Health related information
  • Establishing a monitoring system
01 Basic Rights Forward Establishing Human Rights CCHRB / BMSP CCHRB / BMSP
  • Voter Education
  • Organizing voter for union council election observation
  • Supporting awarness and civil society activities