Vulnerable group Development Program-VGD

Objective of the Program:

a) Improving the income earning capacity of VGD women.
b) Socially empowering them through training.
c) Compulsory savings for making capital.

Activities of the Program

a) Support services to the ultra-poor beneficiaries
b) Facilitate receiving monthly food ration
c) Conducting life skill & IGA training.
a) Entrepreneurship Development, b) Goat and Cow Rearing, c) Vegetable Gardening, d) Poultry Rearing.

d) Collection & management of savings.
A VGD beneficiary’s compulsory savings per month is minimum TK.200. DORP Facilitators collect savings; give entry in the group ledger book and deposit to the bank (Sonali & NCC Bank) account. The account is operated jointly by Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Upazila Women Affairs Officer. e) Access to credit (if needed)
f) VGD Women Groups are formed for facilitating their total development. The average group size consists of 25-30 members. Total group-74.