The Enrich (Shamriddhi) Program

The program is for poverty reduction through Health, Nutrition and Education activities and financed by PKSF. The program aims to facilitate the best utilization of the existing capabilities and resources of the poor households and at the same time, help to enhance both their capabilities and resources in order to enable them to come out of poverty circle and move ahead towards a life of human dignity.
Activities of the Program:
a) Health programs.,
b) Social development work, like ring culverts, bamboo or wooden Shacco
c) Beggar rehabilitation,
d) Free sanitation materials,
e) Enrich center house for social development and union ward coordination meeting.
f) Providing tube well and latrine in religious and social Institutes.
g) Vermin compost plan. h) Pre and Primary level school for non-school children i) Guardians meetings
j) Sports and cultural program.
k) Income generating and livelihood loan The Program has increased the awareness among the community people on health and education issues. Taking care of health is increasing day by day through operation of satellite and daily static clinics. Drop out of school students reduced, use of safe drinking water (tube-well) and improved sanitation system increased.