DORP played the pioneering role to introduce the Maternity Allowance (MA) scheme for the poor mothers that was included in the national budget since 2007. This initiative was a remarkable step towards poverty alleviation. Presently government is supporting 1,00,200 poor mothers with BDT 350 per month for 24 months. The Founder & Secretary General of DORP, A H M Nouman, has undertaken extensive lobbying and advocacy initiative to introduce this idea to the Government and created a line item in the national budget.


‘Social Assistance Program for Non-Asseters (SAPNA)’, a package of 5 rights is an enhancement of Maternity Allowance. SAPNA has been established to serve as a safety net model of 6 pillars for poverty alleviation through Maternity Allowance Recipient Mothers. Health, nutrition, family planning, education, cultural freedom, housing and sanitation, livelihood including income generating inputs, savings & micro-credit (if needed) are the pillars of SAPNA.


Health Village : WASH Monitoring Perspective was established as a significant project for tracking the budget of local government institutes to make it transparent & accountable to the community people by involving the people of the community in Water, Sanitation & Health (WASH) issues. People are made to raise their voice strongly to ensure 20% allocation for WASH in Annual Development Budget under the Union Parishad.