Life Sketch in English

AHM Nouman was born in Talukder family at Hazipur of Daulatkhan, Bhola district & brought up Shikhagram at Alexander, Ramgati Thana of Laksmipur district 1st February 1947. He has four brothers and one sister. He is the eldest son of late Alhaj Dr. Mafizur Rahman who was a renowned community physician and social worker of the locality. His mother Late Shamsun Nahar was a pious lady and homely community facilitator.

From student life, Mr. Nouman was involved in social and political mobilization process leading to liberation war in 1971. He was the president of Bangladesh Chatra League S.R.Hall unit in 1965-66 and was simultaneously the executive member of the City Unit. He was also the convener of “Chartered Accountants Students Action Committee” during mass upsurge in 1969. While student in C.A. courses, Mr. Nouman joined the rescue operation, actively involved in relief and rehabilitation program during and after devastating cyclone on 12 November 1970 when around million people died in the coastal areas during the catastrophe.

Despite of his brilliant possibilities in professional career, Mr. Nouman opted himself to be in rural development movements after the unforgettable natural disaster in 1970. Stated a new challenge with all vigor, jubilance and dedications in organizing rural cooperatives to empower people, to reconstruct their confidence through social platform and to flare up the people’s hidden power to conquer the hurdles and dream for a decent life after painful episodes and human disasters in 1970.

In the aftermath, in process of movements, he was the founder Secretary of ‘Ramgati Thana Central Cooperative Society’ (1970-71), and was one of the initiators of Cluster village concept in 1970 establishing a “Bishwa gram” model at Ramgati, a first clustered village in Bangladesh. He was also the founder Secretary of ‘Federation of Cooperatives’ in greater Noakhali district during 1972-74. Widening the spectrum of missions, he was also one of the pioneers and key organizer of Shwanirvar (Self-Reliant) movement in Bangladesh. He was one of the founding governing members of ‘Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendra’ 1976.

AHM Nouman is the Founder & Secretary General of a national NGO, Development Organisation of the Rural Poor-DORP established in 1987 ( DORP is the recipient of THE 2013 ‘WATER FOR LIFE UN-WATER BEST PRACTICES AWARD and the recipient of 2006 Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement from the University of South Australia. Mr. Nouman is the Advocate on ‘Health Village’ concept and ‘Universal Election Caretaking Council’.

Based on long experiences of rural development programs over the years, A.H.M. Nouman was one of the initiators and organizers of ‘Gram Sarkar’ as a socio-economic foot-platform of grass root people. He is one of the organizer of DhekiRin - Micro Credit. In pursuant of upholding rights of vulnerable communities, he is the President of Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh (CCHRB)( and Senior Vice-Chair of Federation of NGOs ( in Bangladesh. And founder General Secretary of Coastal Fisher folk Community Network (COFCON).

At present, in addition to DORP, he was the chairperson of People’s Health Movement-PHM, Bangladesh Circle, chairman of Ramgati Upazila Samity, and the Vice-chairman of Laksmipur District Samity, Dhaka. He is the founder and patron of Alexander College, Alexander Girls School and Noumanabad Primary School. Besides, he also established many religious and charitable institutions and schools etc in different locations of the country. He was the executive editor of “Weekly Amar Desh”. He was elected as a best social worker in the district of Coastal Laksmipur.

Mr. Nouman is the writer and columnist on different development and rights matters. His publications are i. Self Reliant Movement, ii. Some Scattered topics for totality, iii. Time Map, iv. Dream for change, v. Creation from devastation.

Mr. Nouman is the Pioneer and innovator of Maternity allowance for the poor mother, followed by Social Assistance Program for Non-Assenters-SAPNA in Bangladesh exercising from the year 2005 which run by the Women & Child Affairs Ministry, Government of Bangladesh throughout the country. He is the Maternity Allowance National Steering Committee member.

Mr. Nouman is awarded with the title ‘Matri Bandhu’ (Friend of Mother) by the veteran country Journalist Forum.

His life partner, Dr. Razia Begum, is a physician, was an inspiring force during his long turbulent development journey and his only son Mohammd Zobair Hasan is involved in a research work in an organization after completion of Masters in Environment Science from Netherlands; Their other two daughters are studying in University.

AHM Nouman visited Japan, Thailand, Philippine, Hong Kong, Sri-Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Canada, America, Kenya, Guinea, Nepal, Spain, & Switzerland in various social, political and health conferences, Seminars, workshops, training, study promoting the voice of downtrodden people at national & international flora.