Project detail

The main aim of “Watershed-Empowering Citizens” is to strengthen capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to advocate and lobby in the interrelated fields of IWRM and WASH to ensure equity and social inclusion, as well as sustainable usage of water resources. It will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal for universal access to water and sanitation services and water security (SDG-6) by making the voices of citizens heard and strengthening governance and accountability.

Three main strategies of Watershed program:
• Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to conduct lobby and advocacy for Sustainable WASH services for all.
• Improving policy implementation, practice and coordination.
• The inter-stakeholder dialogue.

Overall Progress in line with project goals and objectives

DORP has completed 48 activities of the project during this reporting period and involved in 3 activities out of 17 activities with other partners. DORP is working in Watershed Bangladesh program to strengthen capacity of CSO in local policy advocacy and monitoring progress of WASH & IWRM while Budget Tracking is underscored one of the focused area, and Pre-budget and Open budget dialogues are two of the tracking events which are giving enormous ideas what is happening at ground. DORP is fully involved to develop capacity of CSOs through coaching as well as ourselves with new plans and using new tools. Engaging CSO members on Upazila WASH committee and Upazila IWRM Committee wa one of the successful intervention to talk on behalf of marginalised.