Maternity Allowance Centered 'SAPNA Package' for Poverty Alleviation

SAPNA is an integrated social safety net model based on five pillars. I. Health Nutrition and Birth Control Card, II. Education & Culture Card, III.Housing, Water & Sanitation, IV.Livelihood & employment, V. Savings, Micro Credit if required for the Maternity Allowance recipient mothers. It is a long term plan of a generation of 20 years to eliminate poverty from the country.
Maternity Allowance was first started in 2005 by DORP. Over the years it achieved significant success and the project was upgraded to SAPNA Package, centering mothers. From December 2010 to September 2012 the package was funded by AECID (Spainsh Agency of International Cooperation Development) and Implemented by DORP.

Government of Bangladesh took over the evidence-based successful SAPNA project model of DORP in July 2014. 700 mothers came under the project. Directorate of Women Affairs implemented the project inthe fiscal year 2014- 2015 & 2015- 2016 in 10 Upazilas. DORP was in supporting & coordinating role. Total budget amount was TK. 5.50 crore.
DORP is now in follow-up work of the program in all 10 Upazilas with its field workers.