Panii Jibon- Water is life

The overall goal of the project is “Contribute to build resilience and reduce well-being loss of climate change affected disadvantaged communities, and particularly vulnerable women and youth, in the disaster- prone areas of South West Bangladesh.
Women and men living in the project areas are being aware of the situation and demand their WASH rights and benefits from improved WASH governance. They raise voice to increase year-round access to and use of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene practices.
Gradually we are achieving 10 indicators through 63 activities under outcome 1. As a result we are being able to succeed to meet our project objective. As per our Budget Tracking process, vulnerable women & youth gradually raising their voice for WASH rights as well as demand creation with the access in WASH meeting through good governess(LGIs). And ultimately improving WASH facilities as well as building resilience of South West Bangladesh through providing support for PSF(Pond Sand Filter) along with Union Parishad.