Cross-cutting Issues

DORP has the experience and capacity to involve media in advocacy activities for arousing and ensuring popular expectation and mass participation required by the policy makers as well as the project implementers. DORP believes in people’s participation in development activities as a matter of their right.
DORP considers climate change, gender and people’s empowerment as crosscutting issues in all of its initiatives. DORP also considers training as a development tool which actually is a continuous process aimed at upgrading people’s efficiency for better performance. DORP maintains a separate training cell with all facilities for conducting of fruitful training.


Willingness to work with the deprived women, children and people of the coastal and riverine regions, comprising of ethnic and religious minorities, people with pro-active attitude, non-violent social action, gender sensitivity, human dignity, recognizing good works at all levels and mutual respect, commitment, cooperation, discipline, team work, transparency, accountability, secular outlook, cost-consciousness and participatory approach constitute DORP’s core values.

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