Areas of Expertise

1. Health

Focused primarily on maternal, neo-natal and child health care by establishing a mechanism for ensuring of rights and accountability within the framework of national policy and guideline for the poor and the marginalized. Besides, Public Health promotion initiative directed towards adolescent health, and Nutrition and Family Planning development activities among community at large.

2. Education

On Non-formal Primary Education through Multi-Grade Teaching-Learning approach to develop collaborative basic education system to ensure quality education. Specially targeted to improve literacy & numeracy of the children of marginalized community under char and coastal areas. DORP was recognized as an experienced and reputed organization in this area by the Primary and Mass Education Division of the Government of Bangladesh in 1999. DORP also has expertise on Urban Working Children Education Program. In the year 2000, one Urmi Akter, a DORP pupil, got first position among the students of all over Bangladesh under the project Hard to Reach Urban Working Children Education Project-3.

3. Human Rights

From the very outset, DORP has been working for awareness raising and expansion of a ‘consciousness of human rights’ as contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. DORP, generally, works for protection of communal harmony, for health awareness and implementation of rights, for protection of the rights of the disabled, for ensuring the rights of the rural woman and children, woman empowerment, for strengthening of local government for good governance, and also election observation in national and international level, including, also, voter awareness raising. DORP is particularly engaged in activities aimed at alleviation of poverty and, thereby, ensuring of fundamental human rights.

4. Agriculture

Mainly focused on improving food security of the marginal and small farmers of Haor areas through sustainable soil management by using latest National Agriculture Research System (NARS) technologies which is environment friendly, and by enabling increased access to nutritious food. Farm and non-farm agricultural project implementation, particularly by involving Local Government Institutions and the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

5. Resettlement

In the NGO sector, DORP is one of the pioneers in the resettlement area in Bangladesh. The founder of DORP is the architect of the first ever resettlement program in the form of clustered village in Bangladesh, namely, Bishawgram (global village) during 1970-73 for the victims of river erosion and cyclone in coastal Ramgati Upazila of Laksmipur district. DORP has excellent capability to implement Resettlement Plan (RP) which contributes to the resettlement scheme of Bangladesh Government.

6. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

DORP considers WASH as a set of social program in the health sector. Without proper sanitation and safe water facilities, human health is always at risk. DORP believes that investment is necessary for ensuring better support facilities in WASH program. DORP has huge working experience in WASH program, particularly in its budget tracking component involving multi-stakeholders through bottom-up approach.

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