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HOME PAGEDORP is passing 28 years of age of its birth in1987 carrying the weightful experiences of 45 years from the year of cyclone 1970 with the slogan ‘Creation from Devastation’ through cooperative movement. DORP, widely known as the real practitioner of integrated development through bottom-up approach now stand on its solid evidence based foundation with a definite definition: `Maternity Allowance is the gateway towards poverty alleviation providing a package of 5 rights- Social Assistance Program for Non-Asseters-`SAPNA’ (Health, Education, Housing, Livelihood & Credit) by the next 20 years of a generation through a Public Poor Partnership-PPP’.

Innovated and practiced by DORP from 2005 was evaluated & finally inducted by the Govt. of Bangladesh by the Ministry of Women & Children Affairs, throughout the country. In each & every Union (the lowest tier of local Govt.) in an average 20 poor mothers are getting maternity allowance for the period of 2 years with an amount of taka 350/- per month as a cash transfer with some 7 criteria. Starting from 2007-08 it covered more than 3 lacs mother till this year from the Govt. revenue budget.

With this backdrop Her Mejesty Queen Sofia of Spain invail the 20 years vision Plan of Poverty Alleviation of Bangladesh on 14th Nov. 2011 at Valladolid of Spain. Mentionable that with the financial support of AECID of Spain DORP is implementing, the core visionary programme for Poverty Alleviation the SAPNA for 2 cycles of 3 years through the Embassy of Spain, Dhaka with about one thousand mothers. Being evaluate of impact of maternity allowance by BARD, Comilla; RARD, Bogra & BIDS Dhaka under the auspices of Govt. of Bangladesh Women and Children Affairs ministry, sees wonderful success which is supported by some tales of poor mothers as case study, makes us encourageous to place to the table of Finance Ministry to take SAPNA as a Pilot Project at divisional rural areas so that country can foresee the road map of poverty alleviation, desired by the concern stakeholders.

Besides, the impact evaluation result we are highly confident to see the supportive opinion from International arena like the Ombudsman of Tornoto, Canada, Ms. Fiona Crean she writes `The Public Poor Partnership’ is most innovative and one that should be modeled elsewhere in the world.

Our State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, MP besides her different voice raising she writes at one statement like `Women as the managers of the program to distribute maternity allowance to the pregnant and lactating mothers both in the rural and urban areas demonstrates a firm commitment of the Government to address women’s health situation and improve nutrition intake of their children for ensuring healthy mother and children and thus a healthy nation.

Presently DORP is working in line with Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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